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by Smushey

This drawing is so amazing. I like how the stick smilies, and his feet look epic. His head is so circular, and I like how the stick is ...



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Hello guys, I'm here to discuss something about a group and his stupid members AND main owner. And no, it's not YTR or Starman3(although he's only involved for the start of the story). It's this group called TheGamingClub, owned by an ex-friend of me, MarkorSept.

We were all hanging out happily in TheHeroOfStars(chat originally owned by Hario but taken by LTY, and since YTRG2 was out it was dead). Starman3 was with us that time, then Sept and him wanted to revive YTR, and they made YTRG2(Youtube Rangers Generation Two). But then they had a misunderstanding and Starman3's chance with Sept was broken. I disagreed with the idea of a "new and improved" YTR xat chat, so I didn't go to Sept's chat until he made TGC. At some point, I had a little misunderstanding with Gypsy, but we fixed up.

And that's when things go serious. TGC went in a war with another chat named SuperMarioFlashPlace(chat for pouetpu-games users). With the time passing, things got even more out of hand. Sept got butthurt because Markeyruiz92(owner in SMFP) compared TGC to The_Presstartoplay_Crew(chat owned by :iconpresstartoplay: ). Anokeen and ZenonTheRaptor/Velociraptor just caused more drama. Yesterday, even more ruckus happened because ZeldaMaster12(another owner in SMFP) interrupted some Pokémon/love RP made by Sept and others and because Anokeen made a hate video about Markey. I was neutral in this war.

But today, I was pissed off at the TGC. In the Skype group, we were doing a call. I was doing Youtube Poop audies in the mic for fun. But then they kept being annoying just because I was playing these audies. Sept then stopped the call, and started another one, and threatened to remove me from the convo if I joined the call. I ultimately said that they were as bad as Starman3 and left the group by myself. Gypsy readded me but Sept excluded me since he's such a jerk, and Gypsy readded me again and I posted a message and left by myself. Since then, I've been pissed at their group and desired it to go down(Velo even called me Blueyman3 even though I didn't do anything that Starman3 may have did if I were him).

This group sucks, and so does their main owners(Sept and his bro Oct). This group deserves to go to the path of doom. And here's the link if you wanna go to this crap:

That's all. Bluey out!
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